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My family lived right next door to yours. I grew up with Ryan and I used to babysit you when you were so very little. It is amazing to see how you have grown! We always knew you would do well and look at you!! You look just the same as you did when you were little. It looks like you are doing wonderfully and it is fantastic to see what you are up to these days.
Karlyn Weaver
Aloha, OR USA -
Great Job Alexx! - Cousin Adam
Adam Richmond
Copperas Cove, TX USA -
Alexx, Like your Aunt Candy, I often brag about my talented niece, how she writes and plays her own piano music, then I put on one of your cds just to show off your piano talent. Alexx, you are the coolest perfect pitch niece ever. Always remember your dreams, they will come true. Luv, Aunty Barb'e Jo
Portland, OR USA -
Watch out world, here comes Alexx! It was such fun working and performing with you at "Harvest of Hope". I can't wait to team up again! See you at "The Old Church" in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to hear you play! Hugs, Ali O'Day
Ali O'Day
Portland, OR USA -
Hi Alexx! I found you on Whisperings the radio station and you really inspired me with all your songs. I really can't wait to hear your next album. Thankyou, you made me want to play piano again.:)
It was a real honor, getting to hear your piano music in Portland on June 24th. With three other pianists there, you were surely under pressure, yet did wonderfully. I'm glad you had a chance to look over my music list; I was impressed when you knew so many of the songs! Having perfect pitch is a great "gift" and talent, but seeing you apply it amidst professional pianists with such exactness, flourish, and passion was amazing. Your improvisational skills were sensational. I like the way you've decided to try (and master in parts) so many different types of music; that takes talent. I hope to see you again in concert, and listen to CDs & internet radio, because your music is not only inspiring for furthering my own skills on the piano, but they're also full of feeling. Good luck expanding your creative repertoire of compositions. It was a great experience, getting to meet you. Also: good luck on touching your audience with your emotional music (as I see it), and I hope you always keep a seperate passion for your own music that won't ever be influenced by what your audience demands Thank you so much. I can't imagine what you'll play by the time you're my age! :)
Steven Scholom
Talent, OR USA -
Alexx, you have a website! Way Cool! I love listening to your music and can't wait for your new cd! Love Always,
Cousin Ambedi
Eugene, OR USA -
Ya your piano skills are like truly amazing. lol. See ya at school!
Tualatin, OR USA -
Hi Alexx! Wow I'm definitely impressed... It's my dream to be like you but unfortunately I did not start playing the piano as early as you. I taught myself how to play from 5 years ago and started taking lessons since this past summer and it is going great. I am 14 and I am looking forward to taking piano through my whole life. If only I had the time to practice atleast and hour or two a day with a grand piano... You are my piano idol! Keep up the fantastic work!
Honolulu, HI USA -
Alexx, It was a wonderful meeting you today. Hope you enjoyed painting with us. Thank you for the CD, God has given you a very special gift.My Husband and I will enjoy your music in our home. Hope to see you soon, Pam.
Pamela Davis
Oregon City, OR USA -
Hey! You are amazingly talented. Keep it up!
Memphis, TN USA -
Alexx, It was a wonderful meeting you today. Hope you enjoyed painting with us. Thank you for the CD, God has given you a very special gift.My Husband and I will enjoy your music in our home. Hope to see you soon, Pam
Pamela Davis
Oregon City, OR USA -
Hey Alexx! Your site looks great! Congrats on the new song. It has been great getting to know you better and performong with you at different events! Glad we get the chance to e-mail. Terrific job!-Christie
Christie Gamble
McMinnville, OR USA -
Hi Alexx! Aha, I see you! Jazz camp is groovy, huh. Maybe I'll get really good on flute/sax and have a website, too! Much stuff,
McMinnville, OR USA -
Hi Alexx, Your website is looking awesome. I love your scrapbook! You are doing a great job of sharing the "whole Alexx". Love, Aileen
Aileen Cochran
Tigard, OR USA -
Hey, I came across your site whilst searching for some piano midis, sometimes I can spend hours just looking for a very particular type of beautiful piano music. I have to say I was amazed to discover a site with such beautiful music, and then to find it was written by a 13 year old girl, that completely blew me away. I'm 15, and have been playing piano for the past 5 years, not quite as long as you, but definately not a well as you lol. Keep up the amazing, beautiful, inspiring work. Plus I don't know of any other 13 year old in the world who's beautiful, dulcet music has spread right across America, from the west to the east, across the Atlantic ocean, all the way to England. You are definately very talented and have endless potential, already achieving so much with incredible talent and skill. I hope you keep up the extraordinary work and hope to see more awe-inspiring pieces in the near future.

Northampton, England
Hi Alexx! I am also a composer (more of a synth keyboardist) and I came across your site and was VERY impressed with your music! And then I read you are only 13 years old, and I was even MORE impressed! Keep up the excellent music and are terrific:)! Sharon
Sharon West
Chicago, IL USA -
Hey Ki-chan! Awesome site, I hope to see ya soon! -Sayaka
Tigard, OR USA -
The music that we have already heard is sensational. It is the only piano music that we can enjoy. Keep up the wonderful composing and playing and we will be fans forever. Can't wait to get all your music. My husband, daughter and I would love to come to visit and hear you play. The Peixoto Family!
Sandy Peixoto
Livermore, CA USA -
Hey little niece :) There's no doubt that you will be very famous someday. Quite often I brag about you to my friends and other people. I'm really glad that you've found something that you love to do so much. I love u :) Aunt Candy
Candace Short
Norfolk, VA. USA -
I'm delighted to be able to see where you are performing as we enjoy your music and enthusiasm so much! Looking forward to many more years of concerts. Take care, Kathy
Kathy Sias
Hillsboro, OR USA -
Hi Alexx.....way to go on your new site! Hope you have a great holiday performance season. I know you will rock their socks off!! Fuzz says hi too!! love....DL aka Moonboy:-))
David Lanz
Seattle, WA USA -
Hi Alexx, Congrats on the new web site. Good luck with everything! I'm looking forward to the new CD....
David Nevue
Springfield, OR USA -
Great job, Alexx! Keep up the wonderful music!
Kathy Parsons
Hercules, CA USA -
Wowza! I always knew there were big things in store for you, Alexx! I bet there aren't many teens who have their own websites. It's nice having a techie brain in the family, eh? Rock on, twinkle fingers!
Jen Bernard
Portland, OR USA -
You rock baby !
Michael Allen Harrison
Portland, OR USA -
I love your web page and I think your brother is the best too. He really knows how to do web pages up right. I Love You, Grandma
Grandma & Grandpa McDivitt
Reedsport, Or. USA -