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Happy Spring 2010!

A lot has taken place since last year and there are a lot of fun things happening and coming up. I’m a freshman in college this year and I'm having a great time!

I'll be performing in the "Ten Grands For Kids" and "Ten Grands" concerts again this year. There will be TWO "Ten Grands" concerts on April 2nd and 3rd, and FOUR "Ten Grands For Kids " concerts on April 1st and 2nd.

Info and tickets for the shows are available through The Snowman Foundation website:

"Snowman Foundation" website:
"Ten Grands" website:

I’ll keep updating as more information is available.
Thanks everyone for reading! I hope to see you all soon!

~ Alexx

I've also got new event information on my "Performance" page.

Thank you for stopping by!

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Alexx thanks her genius brother Ryan Carnathan for putting her web site together. You rock, Ryan!